Dr. SK Sarin


Dr. Vijay Kumar

Dr. Chhagan Bihari

Dr. Rakhi Maiwall

Dr. Anupam Kumar

Organizing Secretary

Dr. Birendra kr. Yadav


Mr. Sushil Gupta

Dr. Sukriti

Dr. Ankit Bhardwaj

Mr. Indrajeet Kumar

Mr. Aftab

Workshop Co-Ordinators

Mr. Satish Kumar

Ms. Pragya Mishra

Mr. Amit Rathore

Ms. Shivani goel

Ms. Pooja

Biobanking International Symposium

It gives us great pleasure in extending you a very warm invitation to attend the Biobanking International Symposium to be held on Feburary 20-21, 2020 at Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences, New Delhi, India. The whole event is in two parts: two days symposium (Feb 20-21) and Half day workshop (Feb 20).

The two day meeting brings together technical experts, scientists, clinicians, and leaders in biobanking, pharmaceutics and biotechnology for exchange of expertise and ideas through presentations and interactive sessions. This meeting includes keynote lectures from experts on biospecimen collection and management, presentations by national and International leaders in biospecimen-based research, biobanking and informative sessions from biobanking and information technology companies presenting new products in the field. Attendees will learn about state of the art in the collection and management of samples. Through biobank workshop and interactive sessions and presentation participants will have the opportunity to learn about new branch of science i.e biobanking and importance of high quality biosamples in research and healthcare.


  • Bring together leading scientists, clinicians, researchers, industry experts, and biobanking expert, and students from India to discuss basic in Biobanking , set up , progress, opportunities and quality in the biobanking sector.
  • Raise awareness of the newest technologies and trends in the global biobanking sector.
  • Serve as a platform for students, researchers, and experts in Biobank to make network and learn the importance of biobank in research and healthcare.

Who can attend ?

  • Doctors
  • Hospitals CEOs, Manager, technicians
  • Scientists, professors
  • Biobanking research laboratories, organizations and universities
  • Biobank aspirants
  • Biobanks (stem cell , plant, animal, human & microbes)
  • Representative of Biobanks , biotechnology and healthcare companies (National &International)

International Speakers :

Prof Catherine Tay, Singapore

Jim Gordon, USA

Prof. Daniel Catchpoole, Australia, President-Elect ISBER

Dr. Haminder Singh, USA

Jason Huang , Singapore

Key Note Speaker

Prof. Nirmal Kumar Ganguly, Former Director General (ICMR)

National Speakers

Dr. Vinita Chaudhary, DBT , INDIA

Dr. Nandini K Kumar. Former Deputy Director General (Senior Grade) ICMR

Dr. Satheesan.B, Director of malabar cancer centre

Dr Sangeeta Desai, Professor & Head, Tumour Tissue Repository Tata memorial hospital

Dr. Anita Mahadevan , Associate Professor and Head Human Brain Bank, NIMHANS

Dr. Pallavi kshetrapal, Assistant Professor, THSTI

Dr. Mrinalini Chaturvedi, MD, Cryoviva Biotech Pvt. Ltd

Dr. Chhagan Bihari, Associate Professor & PI National Liver Disease Biobank

Dr. Sukhandu Bikash Ghose, Scientst G, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai (BARC)

Dr. Vinayak Kedage, Director Regrow Biosciences Pvt ltd

Dr. Jugnu Jain, CEO at Sapien Biosciences & Saarum Sciences

Dr.Bina Naik, COO, CBCC Global Reasearch

Dr. Rekha Chaudhury, M.Phil, Ph.D.ICAR-National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources Pusa Campus, New Delhi-110012

Dr. Puja S Nagpal Head, Dept of Basic Research Administrator ISIC BONE BANK Vasant Kunj, Delhi 110070

Key points:

  • Opportunities for new Biobank
  • Interaction with national and international experts in Biobanking
  • Best practices in Biobankin
  • Governance and ethical issues in Biobanking


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